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Because the show must always go on, however...prickly a situation (cough)

["Ten minutes before curtains go up!"

Kelly sneaks a peek from behind the thick crimson curtains at the buzzing crowd beyond the stage. Her audience. Back-stage is empty and covered in shadows, the slither of brightest light falling away as Kelly lets the fabric close together behind her and turns back to Casey with gleaming eyes.]

Are you ready, baby?

[The Delcatty in question gives an affirmative "mreow" and pads closer, the little silver bells hanging from the bow tied to her tail jangling charmingly as moves. Kelly bends down to pull a stray thread from the feline's frilly outfit and to check her Pokemon's coat one more time, before straightening up and tugging at the hem of her own (identically pink and frilly) dress. This Cute Contest is as good as theirs, Kelly can feel it.

She's about to run through the plan once more when there are footsteps from the side of the stage. A stagehand appears out of the gloom, leading a...shape in tow. Kelly squints to see but behind the curtain it's too dark to make out anything but the other person.

"Excuse, miss Lailey. It seems one of your Pokemon may have wandered off. You should keep a better eye on them around back stage. Now I have returned it to you, I must dash."]

Wait a minute! I haven't lost any...
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[ His escort and her family is going to send one nasty report to GUN, that's for sure.

Shadow came to Hoenn to drop off a young girl, daughter of a soldier - deteriorating shell of a maiden, frail and diseased, on the run from some lawbreakers after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd during her healthy period. A tragic story, perhaps, if he ever found himself caring more than just his reward. (Spoilers: he didn't.) He left her to see if the coast was clear, to see if the people who were looking for were somehow lurking about. She was left in a safe area, in a rendezvous point with a few other agents, including Rouge, so she wasn't going to be immediately killed.

That is the only ounce of relief he holds after being dragged off the street by a crazed man who thought he's one of these... Hoenn-exclusive creatures. Pokemon, aren't they? Well, whatever they were, this guy thought he was one that belonged to a little lady in a contest. No matter how much he snarled and bitched and explained himself, the guy persisted. Seriously, was he that hard of hearing?

Apparently so, for now he finds himself hauled behind a stage, pushed into the back to accompany a 'Miss Lailey'. He doesn't care about this Miss Lailey, he just wants out of here! He has a mission to tend to!

Ungh--! [ He's grabbed by the scruff and haphazardly dumped at Kelly's feet, stomach first, before the man scampers away, clearly rushing about for preparations. He growls as he swiftly recovers, pulling him up to his feet. ]

What is the meaning of this...?!
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[ She thinks he is a Pokemon, too? This is simply ridiculous. Did Hoenn just not have hedgehogs? Is the landscape solely made up of humans and Pokemon? Shadow didn't know, but he knows one thing for sure: he has to set things straight.

He's on her tail, his expression showing distress. He's getting impatient here! He has to get back to his escort!

I am not a Pokemon...! That is not so difficult to understand!

[ Are all Hoennians this stupid? ]
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[ Did he have to repeat himself again? Really? Shadow had just told her that he wasn't a Pokemon! Was she really going to babble pathetically like that, griping over questions he'd already answered? It is truly remarkable how some humans are just so unintelligent, so imperceptive, and it drives him up the wall.

He groans, making his frustration very visibly known, two fingers rising to pinch at the bridge of his snout.

I. Am not. A Pokemon. I am a hedgehog capable of human speech. This much should be obvious to you.